While the Foundation is primarily thought of as an organization that distributes scholarships, it is, in reality, far more diverse, providing the donor with a variety of giving options.  Its success is built on its ability to satisfy donors' wishes and intent. The following is a partial list of the giving vehicles available. 

General Contributions: Non-specific contributions are used to fund our general scholarship program. Seventy-five percent of such contributions are directed to a scholarship fund for the current graduating class, and 25 percent goes to our endowment fund. 

Education Fund of Southern York County:  By purchasing from a wide variety of consumer product offerings from this business partner, you will be helping our general scholarship program.  For more information, contact Mary Lou Alsentzer (235-2128). 

Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC):  The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) gives tax credits to eligible businesses contributing to Educational Improvement Organizations, such as the Southern York County School District Foundation. The business has the ability to direct these tax dollars in the form of tax credits to the organization that they desire. Please see the fact sheet below that gives details of the program such as the types of eligible businesses, funding, where to apply, and the terms.  The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Application is listed below.   If you would like more information on this program and how it benefits the Southern York County School District Foundation, please contact Susan Green (717) 235-4811 x7224 susan.green@sycsd.org, or Wayne McCullough at (717)235-4811 x7274 or wayne.mccullough@sycsd.org.  Additional information may also be obtained at www.newpa.com and then type in search word EITC. 

Named Scholarships:  You may make a contribution to the current graduating class scholarship fund using criteria you select. You or your organization will have the opportunity to present the award if you wish.  We ask that annual awards be a minimum of $500.  You may also assure a perpetual scholarship award with an endowment gift of $10,000.  Scholarships intended for a current graduating class should be received by February 28. For additional information, contact the School District Administration at 235-4811, extension 7278. 

Cooperating Organization Scholarship:  Increase the value of your organization’s existing scholarship or award program.  Your scholarship will not lose its identity, and we guarantee that the student will receive the full amount of your scholarship.  More importantly, a Dollars for Scholars scholarship will not reduce a student’s financial aid package at most colleges.  Some colleges will match a Dollars for Scholars scholarship, possibly doubling the amount of your award. Contact the School District Administration at 235-4811, extension 7278. 

Alumni Participation: We welcome the assistance of any Susquehannock graduate in keeping the SHS Alumni Association strong.  Construction of Phase I of the Susquehannock High School Field House and Alumni Plaza was completed in Spring 2005.  With future donations and pledges, we will be able to begin Phase II.  Even if you have nothing more to offer than your current address so that we can keep you informed about what is happening at your alma mater, contact Wayne McCullough (235-5032). 

Employer Gift Matching Program:  We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization and qualify for most employer gift matching programs.  We will assist with any necessary paperwork.  Contact the School District Administration at 235-4811, extension 7278. 

Specific Gifts and Projects:  The Southern York County School District Foundation is about much more than scholarships.  We will work with any donor wishing to help with a program to support any school related function.  Contact the District Administration at 235-4811, extension 7278. 

General Endowment Contributions:  Twenty-five percent of any contribution that is not designated for a specific purpose will be deposited in the endowment fund to help assure perpetual support for the general foundation scholarship program.  You may also direct that your entire gift be included in the Foundation endorsement. 

Named Endowments:  If you want the annual earnings from your gift to be directed to a project or capital expenditure, or for a named scholarship, we ask that the gift be $10,000 or more.  We use an earnings assumption of 5% so that an endowment of that amount will fund $500 annually.  Named endowments will be shown separately in our financial reports, and recognition will be made, as you direct, at the time of annual distribution.  For further information, call 235-4811, extension 7278. 

Tree Dedication Program: The Alumni Association sponsors a program that allows a donor to honor or memorialize an individual, organization, or event by dedicating a tree on the main, Friendship, or Shrewsbury campus. 

Good Search: By using www.goodsearch.com as a search engine, GoodSearch provides participation funding to the Foundation. View presentation in Quicktime

Printer Cartridges: The Foundation collects printer cartridges for Penn-Mar, Inc, a cooperating non-profit organization for recycling. Printer cartridges purchased from Penn-Mar, that are designated for the Foundation, generate revenue.  Funds from this program will be used in the Foundation’s general scholarship program.  View PDF